Art for the Soul
B y  S p i r i t u a l   A r t i s t   G I N G E R   G R A N T


You can't make this stuff up. You pray to be a conduit for God and to do what you love and love what you do, and one day someone introduces you to a program that teaches you how to make spiritual paintings. You try it and the first painting you make looks like a professional piece of art. You try it a second time and it happens again.


Then the process starts to morph into something else. You've activated something. Something innate. Something predestined. A power flowing on to the canvas.  And when the image emerges, you have given form to another dimension. 

This is my process. I write a prayer on the back of each painting, or sometimes a plea or intention. When the healing image comes through it brings a special message (one that I hear in my head) to accompany the image. 

At 50 I never imagined I would become an exhibiting artist a year later. I am still humbled, amazed and stupefied every time it happens.  I simply become a hand to the divine paintbrush.  The experience is trance-like and so deeply fulfilling and drenched with healing power.


I am still in awe of their power and the overwhelming connection others have to these images.

Ginger Grant