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Yomari nHA

Empress of Gratitude

The prayer behind the painting

Forgive me God for seeming ungrateful. My human fear eyes are corrupting my ability to release all to God and feel provided for. Show me how to crave the Love of God. To jump at dawn to seek Him and to see the truth of my blessings. Show me how to be grateful for the outpouring of His Grace. Help me be grateful when I am scared. I have so much, but my limited mind convinces me I am without. This makes me feel guilty and worried that my negative thoughts will bring me bad luck. I am so stuck in my stupid mind sometimes. Help me get the right balance to see my true blessings and have the richness within me to know and feel them. I am so disgusted with myself that I am acting ungrateful when you have given me so much. Help me remember. 


Her message: When you see the splendor of your spiritual bounties as I do, you will know the extent of the power that has been granted to you. A Divine Gem; God has placed at your feet all the riches of this world and the next. Embark on your journey into knowing, believing and receiving. Your gratitude will usher in the Divine Blessings you so richly desire and deserve. Do not go without. Be grateful now and see with my eyes the abundance and the effulgence of the realm from which you come, and the access to spiritual powers large and small.



The power behind the painting:  When you see the truth of your being, your gratitude will have no bounds.


Read message then listen (or) listen while reading message. Once read, sit and look into the image. Many times you will get a vision or a message.

Yomari Message1:45 minutes
Yomari Music 5 Minutes
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