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Surah layHA

Empress of Faith and the 9 Symbols

The prayer behind the painting:

I'm scared I won't get it right. I 'm scared I will f*#! it up. I'm terrified something in me is broken and I can't break my old patters. I'm terrified to hope, because I can't face the devastation of disappointment if I can't see the evidence of Gods rescue. I am trying not to be scared when I pray, but I am. Even after I pray I still feel unsafe and it shakes my Faith. Please help me find my balance again.

Her message:

It is time for Faith! There is nothing else. You have all the tools. You know what to do, where to go for strength and how to access your power.  Step forth now, just as you are, even wrapped in your thin illusions of fear. Bring them all. I will take take them as if lifting a gentle veil of misted light from your being.   The gems I wear reflect the power of the station of Faith. The power of trusting in a Divine emblem so unimaginable, so imperial, so exalted that were all things living and ascended to worship His being, it would be as a whisper in the wind. Stand in the glory of this moment. This moment of power. The moment when you choose God over Fear. Embark on your souls journey, undeterred by the shifting and changing lines as your path reveals itself.  


The power of Faith is not to be confused with any other power. It is the Divine corridor to all things holy.


The power behind the painting: If you follow the 9 portals to Faith, your life as you know it will transform and a portal will open into a world of blissful joy, empowerment and inner reunion with your true self. The time is now.


1. Acknowledge you are an intuitive being.

2. Create a daily practice for staying connected.

3. Release Fear. Turn darkness into light.

4. Remember the power of your soul and who you are.

5. Put your trust in God.

6. Emerge as Faith.

7. Remain in a state of knowing that all is safe.

8. Remain steadfast while things show up.

9. Commit to the process.


Read message then listen (or) listen while reading message. Once read, sit and look into the image. Many times you will get a vision or a message.

Surah layHA Message2.:30 minutes
Surah layHA Music10 minutes
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