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Meyete nHA

Light in the Village

The prayer behind the painting

Angels I am here; flawed, confused yet perfect, whole and complete.  Connect me to my knowing, my acceptance of my true heritage; nobility, grace and never-ending abundance and support.  


Make me strong God, give me strength to embrace and receive my true power. my souls calling, my launch into greatness. Help me break the cycles of pain and emotional and spiritual poverty.  


I am ready now to receive all. To become all. To let go. To step forth. To be ready.  To stand in Faith.  To trust the unknown will of God. To release my chains. To allow in all the good.  To triumph over my fears. To believe in me, in my power, in my path, in my potential.   I am ready to see miracles. To acknowledge them. To love in the moment. To feel your love. To accept your love. To embrace my spiritual support system. I am ready God, to be powerful.  


TAKE ME ALL THE WAY. No more getting by.  No more just getting through. I’m tired of going in circles. Show me how to break through my repeating cycles this time. Give me strength to stay the course and not turn back when I am scared.


Her message:

If you remain committed to your inner work, I will help you create the vibrational strength to triumph over your illusions of the past.


The power behind the painting:

Your joyous future is in motion. I am manifesting your potentials now.


Read message then listen (or) listen while reading message. Once read, sit and look into the image. Many times you will get a vision or a message

Meyete nHA1:44 Minutes
Meyete Music4 Minutes
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