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Aza LayHA

The Warrior of Steadfastness

The prayer behind the painting

I feel a strange sense of peace, yet moments of fear make me forget why I am on this journey. But yet I can't stop. I am pulled. I am compelled to go higher; broader; wider.  I am being driven by an invisible power. It is you? ...I know it. I refuse to go back to fear. I feel you calling me, what is your message?

His message: 

Steadfastness is the power of changing forms. When you feel uncertain move in the direction you feel is "most" right and we will confirm your actions or correct your steps. Steadfastness activates perfect grace. (The winding path seen in image) All roads lead to expansion of your higher self. The power of changing forms let's your movements and stillness be wholly motivated by the divine hand.  This allows you to follow the path and process.

It reveals itself in stages. All that we see is not as it is ... yet.  Forms are manifesting; alterations, maneuvers, alternate routes.  Yet all flows and leads to God.  Something is gathered at each stop.  Some invaluable tool to allow access to the next stage.  The key is the evolution of the journey and to become fortified and spiritually armored.

As you step into each phase, step as a warrior on the path to his Beloved.

The power behind the painting:
This is your time if you choose to walk steadfastly, never retreating when the winds are high or the tide is low.  Go now. Come now. I am here to guide you through your journey to radiance.


Read message then listen (or) listen while reading message. Once read, sit and look into the image. Many times you will get a vision or a message

Aza layHA Message2.11 Minutes
Aza layHA Music 3:55 Minutes
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