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Solay Ha

Angel of Grace and Nobility

The prayer behind the painting:
I can’t get anything to go right for very long. I am afraid when things are good the other shoe will drop. Why can’t I remember that all my needs are met and that there is no power greater than God. I feel unworthy...that’s why. I am afraid God is done trying to fix me and that I should stop hoping.  Please Spirit help me see the truth of who I am so I can move forward in power. I am tired of being scared.


Her message:
Have no fear. We are light. We see through all darkness.  You are light. This is the realm you come from.  We know only power, only love, only surrender to the Will of God.  We seek nothing else.  This is true freedom.  Embrace your power of oneness with your true self. I am to here to remind you of your true nature and the support you have at all times. I am here to guide and comfort you. You come from the kingdom of luminous light, peace, power and joy.


The power behind the painting:  

Remember me and you will remember you.  We are one. You are a Gem of inestimable value. Have no fear, I will help you remember who you are.  


Read message then listen (or) listen while reading message. Once read, sit and look into the image. Many times you will get a vision or a message

Solay HA Message1.27 Minutes
Solay HA Music6:23 minutes
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