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MaHAsh te

The Protector

The prayer behind the painting:

I am scared. I am terrified. I don’t want to fail. Who is going to buy into any of this. I am a fraud. I am a party trick. I am a total fool. No one will believe me. What if my powers don’t come. What if I shut down.

His message:
I am Ma HAsh-te.  If you stay plugged in and connected I will protect you from fear and harm. I will guide you like a warrior to your soul’s destination.

The power behind the painting: I am your fierce protector on the path to your destiny. I will get you there if you step forth in courage.

After the painting was finished, the artist said these words flooded her being;  “I am free to be powerful. I am breakthrough. I am access.  I am flow. I am connection. I am born for this.  All my steps are guided. I am adjusted and aligned. I am Faith. I am steadfastness. I am free. I am courage. I can do this. I will do this. I am powered by Gods power. I am on my path. I ACCEPT!!! I am an instrument for Gods Will.  I am a spiritual conduit. All that I seek is seeking me. Nothing can stop me.  I am a device for Gods Wisdom".


Read message then listen (or) listen while reading message. Once read, sit and look into the image. Many times you will get a vision or a message

MaHAsh te Message1.29 Minutes
MaHAsh te Music9 Minutes
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